About us

Faveloworldwide is a premium high end street wear brand that prides itself in exclusivity, quality and authenticity. Founded in Johannesburg South Africa , a division of Favelo International LLCDrawing inspiration from ‘favela’ (slum), Favelo embrace a unique narrative that resonates with the resilience found in challenging beginnings and the pursuit of excellence that spans the entire journey. Alpha signifies the inherent strength and leadership ingrained in the roots, reflecting the ability to rise above adversity. Simultaneously, Omega represents the ultimate vision, a commitment to reaching the pinnacle of style, quality and significance. Favelo aren’t just a clothing brand, they are storytellers of empowerment, starting from the alpha of raw determination within the ‘favelas’ and evolving into the omega of unparalleled sophistication and completeness in the world of fashion.

Registered in the state of Florida United States of America under registration number L1800026808